Christmas release: x264Gui v0.9


today a bring you the new version of x264Gui, tha major changes are:

  • Added a setting form where you can edit the profiles, the tools and another option.
  • Updated the codec to rev 2120 built by JEEB.
  • Added some options for the output (VUI annex E) and input-range and range. The output options are only a suggestion to the playback environment but sometimes are useful.
  • Various bugfixes and visual enhancements.

Please keep in mind some things:

  • Don’t edit the xml file by using an external editor; press F4 instead (or select the Settings in File menu).
  • This will probably be the LAST version with audio support. This support is based on x264-audio, which is in a sort of “beta” stage and won’t likely ever reach a “stable” stage.

At last i want to wish you all a merry cristmas and a happy 2012.

Now to the download links:

The executable files are on this page:Download V0.9 from SourceForge

or at this mirror(please use the sourceforge links): Download V0.9 from this site

By croma25td

A post-degree computer science student actually in a internship with a web agency.