New server

Great news: I bought a VPS (Virtual private server), and with this  now I’m able to do the updater program for x264Gui. So you will be able to update the program and/or the codecs (and other future tools) without downloading the entire package.

I’ll come back in a few days with a new release of x264Gui (0.9.3) and then I’ll start the developement of 1.0 with the updater and maybe with a better profile system.

See you soon, and have a nice day 🙂


Easter release: x264Gui 0.9.2

Happy easter to everyone,

today I bring you a new release of x264Gui: it’s a minor release (0.9.2) but it includes two new features:

  • patcher: a GUI for xdelta3, that creates a patch for your videos and a redistributable package to apply that patch (the folder contain a windows script, the patch and the executables of xdelta3);
  • a small “change” in queue tab, I have added a way to modify a job (fine tune) useful if you want to change some parameters of a job.

Keep in mind that the codec is the previous version 2164.

Oh, a small announcement: I reached the 10000 downloads, thank you all 🙂

Remember that i reopened the forum at, use the forum for all the requests!

Now the download links:

The executable files are on this page:Download V0.9.2 from SourceForge

or at this mirror(please use the sourceforge links): Download V0.9.2 from this site