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Release x264Gui 0.9.4


today I bring you a new release of x264Gui: 0.9.4 that cames with the following changes:

  • new codec revision: 2200 built by JEEB;
  • new feature: updater (still in “beta”) that can be used as web installer or to update the program to its latest version.

Now the download links:

The executable files are on this page:Download V0.9.4 from SourceForge

or at this mirror(please use the sourceforge links): Download V0.9.4 from this site

Release: Updater for x264Gui v0.1 beta2

Hi, i fixed an error that occurs when the Updater don’t find the versions.xml file. ( this one )

Download the new version of Updater, delete your versions.xml file and then finally re-update the program. Now all should be fine.

If you want you can manually modify the existing versions.xml file, but is necessary only if it looks like this:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<local x264gui=”” x264_codecs=”” />

in that case you have to change it into this:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<local x264gui=”0:9:4″ x264_codecs=”2200:1″ />

in this way is not necessary to re-update the program.

Download link: Updater v0.1 beta2

Release: Updater for x264Gui v0.1 beta1 and x264Gui 0.9.4


through the updater you can now download the latest version of x264Gui (0.9.4) and the latest version of the codec (rev 2200).

Also I released a new version of the Updater: version 0.1 beta1, this version includes only various user interface fixes (such as warning messages).

You can download it from this link: Updater v0.1 beta1 (don’t overwrite or delete the versions.xml file).

Then lauch the updater (with all x264Gui instances closed) and update the program.

Release: Release: Updater for x264Gui v0.1 development


I think that I can release e first developement version for the updater of x264Gui.

You can download it from this link: Updater v0.1 dev

Once you extraxcted the archive place the files (3) into the x264Gui folder. Then open the program (with x264Gui closed!).

Now there are no updates available, but if you click on “Start Update” the latest version will be downloaded, so please do it and if something strange happens report it!

Release: Work in progress: Updater for x264Gui 0.1 dev


here a screenshot of the updater for x264Gui (the small window XD):

The features of this standalone program are:

  • it check automatically the updates of the codec and of the gui: then downloads only the required packages;
  • you can leave an old gui version if the codec is compatible with that version (otherwise the gui update is forced).

Maybe I’ll release a dev version (unstable, etc..) in a few days. Please use the forum (or the comments below) for any type of suggestion or bug report.

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