A small update about me and x264Gui


sorry for the silence during this months but I was really busy with my real life problems.

At the end of September I started to write the thesis for my degree in computer science and in December I graduated with a 104/110 mark. Now I started to study for the other and final degree in computer science.

Regarding x264Gui, I plan to completely port the program to QT/C++ (maybe Java) since I’m not a Windows user anymore. But I need some help to do it. Otherwise I don’t know what to do, I can’t maintain a C# code…

Anyway the x264 codec devolpement it’s strangely slow this year (only 5 major release) and I don’t know why…

Bye and I wish you an happy new year (too late for Christmas).

ps: I started a new blog about anime at and I’m searching for writers.

By croma25td

A post-degree computer science student actually in a internship with a web agency.