x264Gui 0.9.6 beta1 – update

Now you can use a 8 bit input video with the “high444_8b” AVC setting. This will produce a 10bit video using high444pp. The other AVC setting “high444″ will produce the same video but with a 10bit input video.

I also added the support for “high422″ and “high444″ into the profile system: now when you create a profile with “–high444″ or “–high422″ the GUI select the 10bit x264 binary; so you can do what you want with the “–output-csp”, “–input-csp”, “–input-depth” and not only the two things provided with the “high444″ and “high444_8b” setting.

As always you can download this beta build from: download x264Gui 0.9.6 beta
Take in mind that this only the executable: so replace your local x264Gui.exe with this.

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