New blog (again)

Hi all,

Today I’m going to re-launch my blog, because I feel like that this is the right time to restart blogging about one of the thing that I like most: programming. Remember that you can find my personal website at where you can find my cv, my competences and a biography.

I imported some of the old posts and some pages (in Italian, probably I’ll start translating them soon).

Why all this? Well, right now I’m doing an internship while I study for my second level degree in computer science. As you may know I took my first degree in cs in december 2012 and here in Italy we have a two level system: a first degree after 3 years and a second one after other two years.

So since, right now,  I’m working in a web agency I’ll post here the best solutions to some not-trivial problems that I encountered in my daily life as a programmer.  So expect posts about php (zend, magento, …), java (spring, hibernate, …),  android and so on.

The posts level will be mid-high, since I don’t have the time to do basic tutorials.

Obviously I have not forgotten that during the past three years I created some utilities, such as x264Gui (over 30000 downloads 🙂  ),  so expect some updates and maybe some new projects… not that my free time will allow me to start new projects… but who knows 🙂

At the end I want to apologize for my English, I know that it’s not that perfect but I’m trying to improve it (by practise :))

Daniele Canciani aka croma25td

By croma25td

A post-degree computer science student actually in a internship with a web agency.