My name is Daniele Canciani (aka croma25td)  I’m a student of University of Udine. At this moment (augusut 2013) I am attending the first year of my post-graduate degree in computer science (I graduate in dec 2012 with a thesis regarding databases). In this site you can find:

  • Projects and code snippets: i know these languages, C#, Java, C ( a bit of C++) and PHP. So expect things written whit this languages;
  • Tutorials: written in Italian (my mother tongue) or in English;
  • University material: all in Italian and related to my academic life.

My interest covers a wide area, some of them are:

You can contact me thought this ways:

  • mail: croma25td at gmail dot com
  • skype: daniele.canciani
  • facebook: https://www.facebook.com/croma25td
  • my other site: http://www.danielecanciani.it
  • twittter: https://twitter.com/croma25td
  • irc: irc.rizon.net, channel #croma25td

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