Release x264Gui 0.9.5


after 6 months, today I bring you a new release of x264Gui: 0.9.5 that cames with only one change:: the new codec (rev 2245) released today.

At this moment I’m porting this application to C++/QT so you’ll be able to execute it on Linux, MacOS and Windows. This is a long work and I’m looking for some help.

Now the download links (sourceforge at the beginning of the new week): Download V0.9.5 from this site

ps: x264Gui was downloaded approx. 20000 times, this is a nice news for a very small project like this.

A small update about me and x264Gui


sorry for the silence during this months but I was really busy with my real life problems.

At the end of September I started to write the thesis for my degree in computer science and in December I graduated with a 104/110 mark. Now I started to study for the other and final degree in computer science.

Regarding x264Gui, I plan to completely port the program to QT/C++ (maybe Java) since I’m not a Windows user anymore. But I need some help to do it. Otherwise I don’t know what to do, I can’t maintain a C# code…

Anyway the x264 codec devolpement it’s strangely slow this year (only 5 major release) and I don’t know why…

Bye and I wish you an happy new year (too late for Christmas).

ps: I started a new blog about anime at and I’m searching for writers.

New codec released

I released the new version of the codec (r 2216) and it’s available via the updater. In order to receive the new version of the codec you have only to launch the updater.

Since nobody responded to the previous post (“I want you!”) I’d like to clarify that, without some help, I don’t known what will happen to this project: but don’t worry in the worst case the development will be only slower.

I want you!

Hi all,

I have a request: someone want to partecipate in the development of x264Gui? I want to translate it in C++ using the QT libs in order to make a multiplatform program (win, mac and linux).

If you’d like to help me please send an email (i disabled the comments due to spammers) at: croma25td (at) gmail (dot) com

In a few days I’ll release a new version of x264Gui in order to update the codecs (no changes in the gui).

A small update


as you can see during these last months I haven’t found the time to update the site and my utilities (such as x264Gui).

The things will remain the same until the end of this year, because now I have to study for my lasts exams (two), then I have to write my thehis and finally I’ll discuss it by the end of this year.

I’m also glad that the GUI is somewhat well received: the total download on sourceforge are 8000 (4500 this year).

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