This is the page for the TrayUtil project: a simple program that allows you to set some program to execute from a menu in the traybar(near the watch).

Here some screenshots (version 1.5): the menu that appears when the icon is right-clicked (with separator):

and the settings form that allows to edit the program, activate/deactivate the built-in functions and portable mode:

The program is written in C#, so you must have installed at least the .NET framework 3.0(or 3.5 or 4.0). This program should work with Mono, for Linux and Mac-Os systems (not tested yet).

The program is released under GPL(General Public License) license. 

The source codes are hosted on sourceforge at this location: SourceForge project page

You can download the program at this link: Download V1.5 from SourceForge

or at this mirror: Download V 1.5 from this site


The main features of the program are:

  • Opening a file and/or execute a program simply by clicking on a menu-item. You can also pass the command line arguments.
  • Tree built-in features: screenshot, taskmanager and calculator.
  • Portable mode: permits to execute program form an external unit without worring about che drive letter, that usually changes in different computer.
  • A settings form that permits to modify the programs and the internal settings.


TrayUtil antivirus scan report at




version 1.5:

– fixed mispell in setting form

– fixed some bugfixes

version 1.5 beta1:

– added two new build-in features: calculator and taskmanager

– added a form for change the settings: now it’s possibile to change the applications without modify manually the xml file

– added portable mode: allows to launch application from external drivers.

– now the build-in features can be deactivated

– various bugfixes and visual enhancements

version 1.0:

– First public release


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