This is the page for the x264Gui project: a simple GUI(Graphical User Interface) for the x264 codec, a new (opensource) codec suited for the high definition.

With this program you can encode a video from an avisynth script or from a video file. You can also select the major x264 settings or create (and use) custom profiles.

This GUI use a “special” version of x264, with audio support and with some useful patches; the codec (and relative source code) of the codec are on this page: x264 L-SMASH built by JEEB

Here some screenshot of version 0.9.2:

The program is written in C#, so you must have installed at least the .NET framework 3.0(or 3.5 or 4.0). The license of the program is GPL(General Public License).

The source codes are hosted on sourceforge at this location: SourceForge project page

You can download the latest version of the program from this link: Download from SourceForge

or from this mirror: Download from this site

The key features of the program are:

  • support for profiles. Each profile consists of the command line, created following the guide of the codec;
  • support for zones(since 0.7). Zone are useful in certain scenes, where the bitrate must be higher;
  • support for the job queues. When the queue is over you can set an operation, for example turn off the pc;
  • a menu, “tool” where you can set a program that you want to execute simply by clicking on the menu item. For example a demuxer/muxer for a specific container;
  • support for 10bit depth codec by using the avc_profile high10 (since 0.8);
  • support for saving/restoring the queue to/from a file (since 0.8);
  • includes a gui for xdelta3, with automatic creation of windows script (,bat) to apply that patch (since 0.9.2).

In the following versions i would like to implement:

  • modify the profiles with a module within the program. DONE 🙂
  • a updater for x264Gui.exe. I’m working on it. Version 1.0 should have this feature.
  • insert a wizard and/or some encode suggestion inside of the program. DONE 🙂


x264Gui antivirus scan report at softoxi.com



version 0.9.2 (08-04-2012):
– added patcher: a GUI for xdelta3 that creates a patch for your video file, and a redistributable package to apply that patch
– improvments in queue management: now it’s possibile to modify the command of a job (fine tuning in queue tab)
– minor bug and mispells fixes
– the codec is the same as the version 0.9.1 (rev 2164 8 and 10 bit)

version 0.9.1 (14-02-2012):
– add: Hi10p profiles; 10bit encode applicable only to PC encodes (no console or BD compliant).
– upgrade the codec to 2164 built by JEEB (8 and 10bit).
– minor bugfixes.

version 0.9 (24-12-2011):
– add: a new form for change the settings (profile, tools and general settings). Now it’s useless to modify manually the xml file.
– add: new options for output video (VUI settings – Annex E).
– upgraded the codec to 2120 built by JEEB (8 and 10bit).
– minor bugfixes and various graphic improvements.

version 0.8.4 (02-10-2011):
– upgraded the codec to 2085 built by JEEB (8 and 10bit).

version 0.8.3 (27-08-2011):
– upgraded the codec to 2074 built by JEEB(8 and 10bit).

version 0.8.2 (31-07-2011):
– bugfix: error when the path to x264Gui have spaces.
– bugfix: the creation of output file now check also the current queue.
– upgraded the codec to 2044 JEEB build(8-10bit).

version 0.8.1 (24-07-2011):
– add: 32, 64 and 96 kbps bitrate in audio section.
– upgraded the codec to 2037 JEEB build(8-10bit).

version 0.8 (14-07-2011):
– add: drag & drop feature for input(video-audio) file. Also you can open the program by passing a valid input(video) file.
– add: support for 10bit codec by using the “high10” avc_profile.
– add: if no output file was selected the gui create a file in this format: inputfile_out_x.mkv. Where x goes from 0 to 50.
– add: quick encode. You can encode a video with selected options immediately.
– add: feature for saving/restoring the items in queue to/from a file.
– upgraded the codec to 2019 JEEB build(8-10bit).
– bugfix: error in relative path “The file selected not exists” or similar.
– various gui improvements and bugfixes.

version 0.8 beta1 (18-06-2011):
– updated the codec to 2008 JEEB build.
– bugfix: when you select a new input file the output, audio, stat, qp and timecode file will be reset.
– removed the Advanced tab, the control in advanced tab now are in the Setting tab(ex Base tab).
– now the crf and qp(Setting and Zones tab) can have a value with one decimal.
– now when the profiles are enabled you must select the encode type and it’s quality. And you can’t insert
them in the profile.
– variuos gui improvements and bugfixes.

version 0.7 (30-04-2011):
– updated the codec to 1947 JEEB build.
– bugfix in zone tab(bitrate mode).

version 0.7 beta1 (16-04-2011):
– added some items in tune selection form.
– added. under the advanced tab, a combobox for colormatrix.
– added a tab for create zones of encoding.
– removed the advertisement when activate 64bit codec.
– updated the codec to 1936 JEEB build.
– fixed minor bugfixes and mispells in the menu.

version 0.6 (02-04-2011):
– changes at encode default setting: from abr 700kb to crf 20.
– Advanced tab: added a form that allows to select the QPFile, the Timecode File, and two new features:
SAR e Framerate.
– updated the codec to 1924 JEEB build(based on x264-audio necessary for audio support).
– added the audio support: now you can mux(and eventually encode) an audio file.
The available codecs are: mp3(Lame), ogg and aac(qtacc).
– change in the suggestion: now are invisibile by default.
– improved the queue tab: now the names are shorter, profile-name(if applicable) and the path of output file.
– fixed various mispell.
– minor bugfixes.

version 0.6 beta1 (06-03-2011):
– insert a textbox with some suggestions.
– insert a reload feature for reload the profiles without restart the program.
– insert an about form.
– minor bugfixes.

version 0.5 (15-02-2011):
– multithread support, now you can use the GUI while the encode is running.
– insert a “tool” menu for set a program for execute it simply by clicking on menu item.
– changes at the configs file.
– minor bugfixes.

version 0.5 Alpha (06-08-2010):
– first public version.


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